Release of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals from Rubber Crumb in Synthetic Turf Fields: Preliminary Hazard Assessment for Athletes

Letizia Marsili, Daniele Coppola, Nicola Bianchi, Silvia Maltese, Massimo Bianchi and Maria Cristina Fossi


Adverse effects of Metal-based Nanoparticles on Male Reproductive Cells

Ariane Harumi Yoshikawa, Lucas Possebon, Sara de Souza Costa, Helena Ribeiro Souza, Ana Paula Girol and Maria de Lourdes Pereira


Building Collaborative Health Promotion Partnerships: The Jackson Heart Study

Clifton C Addison, Brenda W Campbell Jenkins, Darcel Odom, Marty Fortenberry, Gregory Wilson, Lavon Young and Donna Antoine-LaVigne