Current Perspectives on the Hormonal Control of Seed Development in Arabidopsis and Maize: A Focus on Auxin

Antonella Locascio


Karyotype Variability in Tropical Maize Sister Inbred Lines and Hybrids Compared with KYS Standard Line

Mateus Mondin, Janay A Santos-Serejo, Mônica R Bertão, Prianda Laborda, Daniel Pizzaia and Margarida LR Aguiar-Perecin


Remotely Estimating Aerial N Uptake in Winter Wheat Using Red-Edge Area Index From Multi-Angular Hyperspectral Data

Bin-Bin Guo, Yun-Ji Zhu, Wei Feng, Li He, Ya-Peng Wu, Yi Zhou, Xing-Xu Ren and Ying Ma


An Integrative Volatile Terpenoid Profiling and Transcriptomics Analysis for Gene Mining and Functional Characterization of AvBPPS and AvPS Involved in the Monoterpenoid Biosynthesis in Amomum villosum

Hong Wang, Dongming Ma, Jinfen Yang, Ke Deng, Meng Li, Xiaoyu Ji, Liting Zhong and Haiying Zhao


Phylogenetic Resolution in Juglans based on Complete Chloroplast Genomes and Nuclear DNA Sequences

Wenpan Dong, Chao Xu, Wenqing Li, Xiaoman Xie, Yizeng Lu, Yanlei Liu, Xiaobai Jin, and Zhili Suo
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New and Sensitive DNA Markers from Gene Regions Related to Ubiquitin-Proteasome System for Plant Classification of Lagerstroemia and Diospyros

Zhili Suo


Circadian Regulation of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

Jack Grundy, Claire Stoker and Isabelle A Carré


Tightly Controlled Expression of bHLH142 is Essential for Pollen Development in Rice

Swee-Suak Ko and Min-Jeng Li


Accumulation and Cellular Toxicity of Aluminum in Seedling of Pinus massoniana

Huanhuan Zhang, Ze Jiang, Rong Qin, Huaning Zhang, Jinhua Zou, Wusheng Jiang and Donghua Liu


N-Terminus-Mediated Degradation of ACS7 Is Negatively Regulated by Senescence Signaling to Allow Optimal Ethylene Production during Leaf Development in Arabidopsis

Gongling Sun, Yuanyuan Mei, Dewen Deng, Li Xiong, Lifang Sun, Xiyu Zhang, Zewen Wen, Sheng Liu, Xiang You, Nasrullah, Dan Wang and Ning Ning Wang