Prevalence of Urinary Schistosomiasis in Migrants in Apulia, a Region of Southern Italy, in the Years 2006-2016

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The Degree of Bother and Healthcare Seeking Behaviour in Women with Symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse from a Developing Gulf Country

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“The Mothers Have Eaten Unripe Grapes and the Children’s Teeth are Set on Edge”. The Potential Inter-Generational Effects of the Holocaust on Chronic Morbidity in Holocaust Survivors’ Offspring

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Living with Constant Leaking of Urine and Odour: Thematic Analysis of Socio-Cultural Experiences of Women Affected by Obstetric Fistula in Rural Tanzania

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Validation of the Spanish Version of the Hip Outcome Score A Multicenter Study

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Spanish Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index, and the Oxford Shoulder Score After Breast Cancer Surgery

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