A Rarity in Breast Disease: Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma to the Breast Mimicking Inflammatory Breast Cancer

BenFauzi El-Attrache, Camryn Highsmith, Bradley Gluck, Alan Heimann and Edna Kapenhas


Epidermoid Inclusion Cyst: A Rare Complicatıon After Urethroplasty

Volkan Sarper Erikci, Tunç Özdemir and Gökhan Köylüoğlu


Abdominal Complications of Typhoid Fever

Ketan Vagholkar


Emergent Completion Pneumonectomy for Postoperative Hemorrhage from Rupture of the Infected Pulmonary Artery in Lung Cancer Surgery

Takanori Ayabe, Masaki Tomita, Tetsuhiro Shimizu, MitsuhiroYano, Kunihide Nakamura and Toshio Onitsuka


Acute Appendicitis: Evidence Based Management

Luis Angel Medina Andrade, Castillo Vázquez Luis Fernando, Ana Karen García Ávila, Haizel Valencia Romero, José Eduardo Vallejo Ramirez, Oscar Alejandro López Ramos, Daniel Flores Rodriguez, Arsenio Torres Delgado, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Rodriguez and Eduardo Vidrio Duarte


Acute Pancreatitis, Actualization and Evidence Based Management

Luis Angel Medina Andrade, Ana Karen García Avila, Paola Mendoza Olivares, Erika Rebeca Trejo Ruiz, Haizel Valencia Romero, José Eduardo Vallejo Ramirez, Luis Fernando Castillo Vazquez, Daniel Flores Rodriguez, Arsenio Torres Delgado, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Rodriguez and Bernardo Gutiérrez Muñoz


Amyand’s Hernia: Report of Three Cases and Discussion of Management

Luis Angel Medina Andrade, Cesar Manuel Vargas Sahagún, Carlos Omar Aguilar Garduño, Paola Mendoza Olivares, Mario Ernesto Laguna Juárez, Gustavo Murillo Huerta, Edson Antonio García Diaz, Daniel Flores Rodriguez, Arsenio Torres Delgado, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Rodriguez and Bernardo Gutiérrez Muñoz


Fast Track Pathways: Early Ambulation After Open Aortic Surgery in Elderly Patients is Not Only Safe But Recommendable

Piero Brustia, Renato Cassatella, Alessandra Renghi, Luca Gramaglia, Michele Aronici and Francesco Casella


PADUA and RENAL Nephrometry Score Systems Could Not Predict Postoperative Outcomes After Partial Nephrectomy of Small Renal Masses in a Danish Cohort

Nessn H Azawi, Maria Feldborg Bruun Andersen, Andreas Robert Sandor Kercsik and Ulla Nordström Joensen


Bilateral Hydrothorax After Left Internal Jugular Venous Catheterization in Infant

Rachid Khemakhem, Muhammad Riazulhaq, Refeat Med Sadok and Hamdan Al Ghamdi


Ulcerative Colitis and the Surgeon

Nisar Ahmad Chowdri


Poland Syndrome Treatment With Customized Implant: A Case Report

Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro, Pedro Felipe Suárez, Giovanni Augustus Morais e Silva and Paulo Azizi


Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy in Injuries Due to Freshwater Stingray: Case Report

Giovanni Augustus Morais E Silva, Daniela Da Motta Rodrigues, KellyStelle Carrion Mauricio and Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro


A Novel Technique for Composite Cultured Epithelial Autograft in a Patient With Extensive Burn Wounds: A Case Report

Wayne Kleintjes, Grant Thomas, Brogan Salence, Stephan Thaele, Nico Stevenson, Brian Warren


An Overview of Peripheral Nerve Xenotransplantation: Present Status and Future Directions

E Deleyto and JM Lasso


Surgical Repair of Pediatric Indirect Inguinal Hernia: Great Waves of Change from Open to Laparoscopic Approach

Masao Endo


Simultaneous Bilateral Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction with Use of Hamstring Tendon Autografts: A Case Report

Matjaz Sajovic


Vascular Reconstruction in Kidney Transplantation

Ashanga Yatawatta


A Successful Nine-Step Concept to Reduce the Risk of Perineal Infections after Abdominoperineal Resection of the Rectum

Wennström B, Henriksson G, Johansen L, Hassel K and Skullman S


Complex Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for End Stage Pressure Ulcers in Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Caroline Yao, David Perrault and Salah Rubayi


A Rare Case of Post-Insect Bite Periocular Necrotising Fasciitis: Successful Surgical Management

Rajan Sharma, Rani Sujatha, Mahesh A, Ashok Sharma, KS Nagaraja and Aabid Maqbool


Role of Epidural Analgesia within an ERAS Program after Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery: A Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Studies

Giuseppe Borzellino, Nader Kamal Francis, Olivier Chapuis, Evguenia Krastinova, Valérie Dyevre and Michele Genna


The Current Situation and Future of Digital Orthopedics in China

Xing Lei and Guo-Xian Pei