Effect on Torque and Thrust of Pointed Tip Shape of a Wind Turbine Blade

Kyoungsoo Lee, Shrabanti Roy, Ziaul Huque, Raghava Kommalapati and SangEul Han


Thermal Transmittance Measurements of the Historical Masonries Some Case Studies

Marianna Rotilio, Federica Cucchiella, Pierluigi De Berardinis and Vincenzo Stornelli


Intelligence-Based Battery Management and Economic Analysis of an Optimized Dual-Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) for a Wind-PV Hybrid System

Hina Fathima A, Kaliannan Palanisamy, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban and Umashankar Subramaniyan


Conditional Maximum Likelihood of Three-Phase Phasor Estimation for μPMU in Active Distribution Networks

Jiang Li, Wenzhen Wei, Shuo Zhang, Guoqing Li and Chenghong Gu


Comparing the Bio-Hydrogen Production Potential of Pretreated Rice Straw Co-digested with Seeded Sludge using an Anaerobic Bioreactor under Mesophilic Thermophilic Conditions

Asma Sattar, Chaudhry Arslan, Ji Changying, Sumiyya Sattar, Irshad Ali Mari, Haroon Rashid and Fariha Ilyas