Reinforcement of Rubber Magnetic Composites with Zinc Salts of Acrylic and Methacrylic Acids

Ján Kruželák, Viera Karlíková, Rastislav Dosoudil, Katarína Tomanová and Ivan Hudec


Study on the Strength Development of Cemented Backfill Body from Lead-Zinc Mine Tailings with Sulphide

Lijie Guo, Juanrong Zheng, Xiaoxiao Sun, Wenchen Li and Qi Jia


Interfacial Bonding Energy on the Interface Between ZChSnSb/Sn Alloy Layer and Matrix at Microscale

Jianmei Wang, Quanzhi Xia, Yang Ma, Fanning Meng, Yinan Liang and Zhixiong Li


Smart and Biofunctional Textiles: An Alternative for Vehiculation of Active Principles

Manuel J Lis, Luisa Coderch, Meritxell Martí, Cristina Alonso, Oscar García, Carlos Garcia and Fabricio Maesta


New Plaster Composite with Mineral Wool Fibres from CDW Recycling

Sonia Romaniega Piñeiro, Mercedes del Río Merino and CristinaPérez García