Evaluation of Sensible Heat Flux and Evapotranspiration Estimates Using a Surface Layer Scintillometer and a Large Weighing Lysimeter

Jerry E Moorhead, Gary W Marek, Paul D Colaizzi, Prasanna H Gowda, Steven R Evett, David K Brauer, Thomas H Marek, and Dana O Porter


Weld Position Recognition Method Based on Directional and Structured Light Information Fusion in Multi-layer/Multi-Pass Welding

Jinle Zeng, Baohua Chang, Dong Du, Li Wang, Shuhe Chang, Guodong Peng and Wenzhu Wang


Inkjet-Printed Membrane for a Capacitive Acoustic Sensor: Development and Characterization Using Laser Vibrometer

Rubaiyet Iftekharul Haque, Erick Ogam, Patrick Benaben and Xavier Boddaert


Fabrication and Characterization of a CMOS-MEMS Humidity Sensor

John-Ojur Dennis, Abdelaziz-Yousif Ahmed and Mohd-Haris Khir


Heading Correction Based on the Improved Simulated-Zero Velocity Update Method for Smartphone Navigation

Qinghua Zeng, Shijie Zeng, Jianye Liu, Qian Meng, Ruizhi Chen and Heze Huang